Itinerary to Sg. Lembing - Kuantan, Malaysia (3D2N) or 2D1N

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

23/03/12 (Friday)

7.00pm           Dinner at Klang
8.00pm           Depart to Kuantan
11.30pm         Reach SG. Lembing
12.00pm         Rest and sleep

24/03/12 (Saturday)

5.3am             Wake up
5.10am           Go “Pa San” – Sg. Lembing San.
8.00am           Breakfast (Eat San Sui Tau Fu)
9.00am           Visit Sg. Lembing cave/see the hanging bridge, see handmade famous                         lembing mee/visit museum/Crystal house/Historical Petrol Station
12.00pm         Rest and shower at resthouse
1.30pm           Depart to Kuantan for lunch
2.30pm           Visit Wan Fo Tian - biggest sleeping Buddha in Kuantan (feed fish)
3.30pm           Eat famous chendol+pulut at AirPutih Cendol
4.00pm           Depart to Cherating (eat keropok lekor + see tortoise)  
5.30pm           Go visit Teluk Chempedak (TC) – walk to TC2
6.30pm           Dinner at TC (Eat western food) + dessert wintermelon sago (famous)
8.00pm           Free Leisure activity at TC (play pepsi cola)
9.30pm           Supper at Satay Zul or Kemaman Kopitiam (opposite Megamall)
10.30pm         Depart back to Sg. Lembing
11.30pm         Supper, countdown & sleep

25/03/12 (Sunday)

5.30am           Wake up
5.45am           Have light breakfast – same place yesterday (san sui tau fu)
6.15am           Rainbow village – depart
7.30am           Reach the river – cross river and start walking
11.00am         Back to shower and rest
12.00pm         Eat Tomato Mee at Sg. Lembing (lunch)
1.00pm           Visit Dragon Temple
2.00pm           Salt fish Shop (local manufacturer item – souvenirs)
3.00pm           Leaving back to Klang

Thing to do - Book:

2 night: RM20 per night (RM40 for 2 nights)
4wheel to enter rainbow village: RM40 per person

*contact Mr. Lee 019-906 2193 he will help to arrange both accommodation and 4wheel (car) inside the rainbow village. Book early if possible as usually during weekend will be full. Usually, people will visit on Fri, Sat and Sun. (Others day is varied depending on the numbers of the group) - more usually no problem. At least 10ppl.

Estimate Budget:
Transport        - RM70 per person
Stay                - RM40 (2 nights)
Rainbow         - RM40 per person (1 hour 4-wheel drive inside)
Food               - RM50 (estimate figure only)
Total: RM200 per person.

1) Do not miss the beautiful rainbow-waterfall at Sg. Lembing (the main theme/attraction - must visit)
2) Suggest to reach there early, spend at least 2 nights so that you can climb both Sg. Lembing - bukit (small mountain) and rainbow-waterfall. (Most important - rainbow village - must VISIT - as you will regret this if you dont)
3) Wear suitable (rubber shoes) for hiking waterfall (will be quite slippery)
4) To try the local cuisines at Sg. Lembing (san sui tau fu or local tofu) and Cendol (Air Putih, Satay Zul and the ice (dessert) shop at beach - Teluk Cempedak (or know locally as TC).

Picture below: Is taken at the rest house. Try to contact Mr. Lee. He will help to do both booking for accomodation and 4wheel car to enter to the rainbow-waterfall.
Below is one of the view - on the way by 4wheel drive to the waterfall (takes about 1hours++ journey)

Other alternative number:
1)  Mdm Chan 012 900 9622

2) Mr. Hoong 012 908 6397

 Photo taken - climbing up the Sg. Lembing -san (or mountain/small bukit) - it takes about 30 minutes up.

You will be amazed by the Rainbow-waterfall! Tips from the trekker cum driver, take as much photo as you can, before swimming/leisuring, coz the rainbow only last for 2 hours... beleive it or not.. you will regret, if you want to take more photos after swimming, but the rainbow already disappear! 

Hope you will enjoy! Sg. Lembing is just a small town, you wont get lost, try to smile to the local and ask if you lost your way.

Things to prepare ahead:
1) Book your accommodation and driver to the Rainbow village (at least 2 weeks ahead to avoid disappointment). 
2) Familirize yourself with the place (google map) and the location to Sg. Lembing.
3) Remind them 1 day ahead on your departure date by call/sms.
4) To inform them on the day itself what time to check-in (especially wee hours).




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